hooks, lines, thinkers

Full-service advertising and design agency founded in 1977 by Thomas Emery. Our advertising and marketing programs don't cost you money. They make you money.

The Emery Group

Hooks. Lines. Thinkers

Mission: Help our clients make a heap of money with breakthrough marketing, advertising and design.    

Our advertising and communications programs don't cost you money. They make you money. We're a full service advertising agency founded in 1977. Our small band of writers, designers, media planners, and marketers is equally talented in print, television, radio, design, and digital design. We do award-winning creative work in both English and Spanish. But more important than the awards are the results. Our work works. Whether you need to build a brand image over time, or bring an immediate return on your advertising investment, we can play a key role in your success. Call 915-532-3636 today and let's talk about how we can help you increase you sales and profits.